Infiniti Digital Download - Convert your Samsung Galaxy into Omerta Infiniti


Product Overview

Convert any Samsung Galaxy device (post 2021) into a high-performance security phone with all the same features as an Omerta Infiniti. We designed and developed this product to work in conjunction with our ESIM technology meaning clients no longer have to import a high-security device. With the Infiniti Digital Download it is like getting a specialist to visit your home or work & build the phone in front of your very eyes!

We recognised last year that importing devices was a significant barrier for some as it added cost to the product whilst also bringing unwanted attention to a client's new purchase. In some instances, Customs would even remove items from the purchase, so a new route for delivery was required. 

Whilst remote programming has always been an option, this process has been typically clumsy, time-consuming and difficult to carry out. With Infiniti Digital Download however all this has changed. You can build your own OMerta Infiniti by simply scanning a QR Code supplied by us! Furthermore, we can also provide access to OmertaNet by Electronic SIM, meaning you can not commission a high security, private phone with its own secure phone line entirely online whilst you buy your own phone locally. No Imports. No trace!

The Infinit Download from Omerta represents the leading edge in handset security that offers both secure encryption, anti hacking measures & pro active hardware defences making it a firm favourite with Armed Forces, Heads of State and their Peers, Journalists, A list celebrities and High Net Wealth individuals who are subject to industrial espionage. Proven to be resilient to Pegasus & other zero day attacks, the Infiniti Digital Download creates a steely ring of protection around your digital world.

OmertaNet Ready

We have recently become a virtual mobile network operator (VMNO), offering the same encrypted SIM technology as before but without the middleman adding a slice to the costs. This has slashed our operating costs & we can now offer the same 6 month subscription for £799& deliver a SIM via email, much like the Infiniti Download.

QUantum Encryption STandard (QUEST) - A safe future you

The encryption employed utilises algorithms which are significantly stronger than other present-day approaches. The Infiniti S22 utilises a 4 layer, post-quantum cryptography approach to encryption, not only providing incredible complexity with each algorithm but also providing defence in depth. This means data on the handset is safe from present-day Quantum Decryption Techniques.

Security Hardened Android

All Infiniti handsets operate on a heavily modified version of Android. We have security hardened the device by reducing available attack surfaces & through Samsung Knox we further deploy device policy to protect device entry points such as bluetooth & USB ports.

Flexible approach to security

The Infiniti range has been developed to offer a full "Out of the Box Experience" - On initial power on, you can choose between three levels of security - Medium, High or Extreme. 

 Medium High Extreme
Access to all Samsung Apps, Google Services & Social Media The choice to de-activate Samsung & Google accounts. Google  & Samsung Accounts are de-activated & locked out.
Bluetooth, NFC & USB connections accessible Social Media deactivated Social Media deactivated.
Google Play Store & Samsung App Store are accessible.  Bluetooth, NFC & USB connections are deactivated (but can be turned on by user) Bluetooth, NFC & USB connections de-activated & cannot be turned on.
Omerta Managed App Store Restricted Omerta Managed App Store


You can also choose to Degoogle the phone plus remove Samsung apps & accounts. Because these options are built into the phone; if you decide the settings chosen are too restrictive, simply factory reset & load more appropriate security settings for your situation.

Meet Omerta OTP - Quest enabled one time encryption

Also included is our new QUEST app. This is a one-time encryption tool which is used to encode the plain text, images, videos & any other file type. The resulting text string can be emailed, or sent by SMS or any other means without fear of interception. Again, the app uses post-quantum cryptography & meets the QUEST Standard.

Anti Tamper Security

Besides the standard anti tamper protection such as preventing data leaks via the USB port, the handset features an active self destruct mechanism which, if used will zap the internal circuitry rendering portions of hardware entirely unreadable in a permanent fashion.

Meet Knox - Samsungs Titan

The handset features Knox, Samsung's next generation security platform. Knox is a multi-layered hardware and software security feature that is always enabled. The Knox platform contains overlapping defence and security mechanisms that protect your data against intrusion, malware, and malicious threats.

Old School Protection where it is needed

The Omerta Infiniti series utilises tried and tested security measures, that over the decades, have continued to prove reliable. We do not operate any servers nor save any of your data. All our apps can be used offline & will operate effectively even when air-gapped thanks in part to the handset's generous hardware allocation.

Any Omerta Infiniti operator can take have peace of mind that their data, both today & in the future, will be safe thanks to the security measures in place.

Warranty & Support

Omerta Infiniti Downloads benefit from the Omerta Self-Service Portal & entitlement to use the Helpdesk for incidents & guidance.

Lead Time & Shipping

Infiniti Digital Download is available immediately after purchase & sent via Email or Private Chat Messenger. Electronic SIM cards are available also to accompany this download.

When will I receive my order?

Orders are processed within 3 working days so please allow up to 5 business days for your phone to arrive. All items are sent by recorded delivery & you will receive a tracking order via email once your item has been posted.

How much will it cost?

Shipping to the United Kingdom is free. For overseas orders please email

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